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Simple, Smart and the Best way for investing your money in mutual funds

Simple And Flexible

SIP is a convenient way of investing regularly on a monthly basis. You can start investing in small amounts in the recommended schemes. SIPs come with several benefits and flexibilities. You may liquidate your investments in the time of need or you may change your investment amounts. SIP is one of the most secure, flexible and friendly way to grow your wealth.

Power Of Compounding

With time and compounding interest that you receive on your investments, your wealth can grow many folds. Compound interest over years works as a multiplier of your wealth.

Disciplined Investment

One of the most important factor to earn lucrative returns on your investments is the disciplined investment. SIP is highly recommended as it sets a good habit of savings, which helps you to fulfill your dreams.

Rupees cost averaging

Financial markets may sometimes show a downward trends, however, your investments through SIP doesn’t get affected much.

With ELSS, you can grow your investments and also you save taxes under Section 80C of Income Tax Act. Save up to Rs. 45000* with your investments of Rs. 1, 50,000.

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After careful consideration of your goals and the risk profile, we recommend an investment option that is best suited. You have the flexibility of choosing your own schemes too. Our experts are always there to guide you as well.

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We are concerned regarding the safety of your information, and hence we use the highest level security for the same. The data that you upload on the website is encrypted with a 256-bit encryption level, which is a standard benchmark followed by our banks.

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Investor Funda’s alert notification system instantly sends you an alert if any dubious activity is discovered on our radar. So feel safe and secure about your data and let our hi-tech security do the work.

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Your account is secured by our stringent security during the use of accounts. We safeguard your account with two-level authentication, limited time logins, verifications before signing in to prevent your account from hacking.

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